Best Tattoo Shop in Bali which is Legendary Ink Tattoo Bali is a tattoo and body piercing studio, with home-grown talent. Bringing you the widest possible choice of quality tattooing in the heart of Bali. Our artist are friendly and professional. Customer satisfaction and hygiene are their top priorities. 


Our Services: 


For a premium result, at our tattoo shop we combine modern technics with traditional ones. 


Want some extra holes in your body? Our piercing masters will make some for you. 


We offer a complimentary pick up service from your hotel or from the airport on all confirmed bookings 



Best tattoo artists in Bali 

We source the most innovative craftsmen we can discover both locally and internationally. Most of our specialists have somewhere in the range of five and ten years experience as expert tattoo specialists here and from their regions of beginning. Tattoo specialists are regularly migrant naturally, and that functions admirably for us, we have some incredibly skilled heading out craftsmen that adoration to come and work with us here in Bali, the island truly lends itself to inventiveness. 


We put a great deal of time and exertion into the plan and the vibe of the studio. The minute you show up you understand it’s a genuine differentiation from most tattoo studios with its white dividers and light open space. Our studio is honored each day with conventional Balinese Prayer services, and we think on the Island of the divine beings that that issues. 


We utilize every single imported ink and tattoo hardware, fundamentally as well as can be expected get, our sterile benchmarks are of western standard, and is of the most noteworthy worry to us. We put stock in quality and moral work, approaching individuals with deference and helping our customers to have the most ideal tattoo experience that they can have. 


About Us 

Legendary Ink Tattoo Bali is a tattoo and body piercing studio, with home-grown talent. Bringing you the widest possible choice of quality tattooing in the heart of Bali. 
Our artist are friendly and professional. Customer satisfaction and hygiene are their top priorities. They will work with you on your design or you can bring your own if you prefer. 
We also offer body piercing services. 

We hope to make your next tattoo experience a positive and memorable one. 

We tattoo in all styles however we specialize in: 

Traditional / Old School 


Black and Grey 

Illustrative / Cartoons 

Tradisional Maori / Polynesian 

Script and 

Cover Ups 

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Surfing in Bali Becomes Easier

Surfing in Bali Becomes Easier

Freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow. Now Surfing in Bali is much easier with our beginner and advance courses.

About Us

Surfing in Bali alone was never easier. We are located at legian beach in front of the Mandira Hotel. This is one of the safest locations to surf in Bali, your safety is main concern and we will ensure you have a great time surfing with us!

Our lessons are available from beginner through to advanced levels to surf in bali.

For beginners we provide the option of an introductory course as well as a full course to Surfing bali


Our Surf Lesson



Our beginners lessons for Surfing in bali are designed for first time surfers and are easy and fun!

This course will provide surfers with the basic skills of surfing such as paddling, taking off, riding a wave, standing up and surf safety.

Standing up it’s guaranteed after your first lesson.


Intermediate Surfing in bali Lesson

This consists of 3 lessons. These lesson will teach board handling to Surf bali. Board Control, Understanding defferent waves and ocean conditions, Seminyak surf And surf safety. After these lesson you will able to surf waves confidently on your own.


Advanced Surfing in bali Lesson

Our advanced lessons will help fine tune any areas you wish to improve Surfing bali



Our private lessons are one on one or in small private groups and lessons vary depending on which areas of Surfing in bali you would like to improve like Kuta surf etc.

You can discuss this with your instructor and we will ensure you are riding waves to perfection in no time!


Why With Us?

With our team of experienced instructors, and world-class equipment there is nothing to fear for Surfing in bali. As your safety is paramount to us, we have chosen TioSurf because we believe in your ability to rise up to the challenge and gain mastery over the waves. Before you know it you will be enjoying yourself and itching to go back into the water.

TioSurf will give you the skills you need to confidently surf many of Bali’s most popular spots!

Visit our website now: 

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سریال رایگان شهرزاد قست سوم فصل سوم 

سریال رایگان شهرزاد قست سوم فصل سوم 
سریال عاشقانه شهرزاد فصل سوم قسمت سوم  



دانلود سریال شهرزاد بدون سانسور حسن فتحی, دانلود رایگان کامل قسمت 3 سوم فصل 3 سریال شهرزاد رایگان با لینک مستقیم راحت اسان کم حجم کیفیت بالا عالی, قسمت سوم 3 فصل سه 3 شهرزاد رایگان سریال ایرانی جدید بدون تگ آرم تبلیغاتی نیاز به خرید اشتراک ویژه پرده ای لورفته  دانلود سریال شهرزاد فصل دوم قسمت دوم  
دانلود قسمت سوم فصل سوم شهرزاد 
خلاصه داستان فصل سوم سریال شهرزاد : سریال شهرزاد به کارگردانی حسن فتحی و بازی ترانه علیدوستی ، شهاب حسینی ، علی نصیریان و مصطفی زمانی یک سریال درام تاریخی و عاشقانه است که برای پخش خانگی تولید شده است . داستان سریال شهرزاد از زمان کودتای ۲۸ مرداد به بعد اتفاق می‌افتد و بیشتر مضمونی رمانتیک دارد.  
سریال شهرزاد فصل سوم همزمان در کشور آلمان نیز نمایش داده می‌شود و به همین مناسبت در روز ۲۰ مهر ماه مراسم فرش قرمز با حضور بازیگران و دست اندر کاران این سریال در شهر کلن آلمان برگزار شد سید محمد امامی تهیه کننده این سریال ۲۶ قسمتی است و اسماعیل عفیفه مجری طرح آن است. شهاب حسینی، ترانه علیدوستی، علی نصیریان، ابوالفضل پورعرب، مصطفی زمانی، محمود پاک نیت، حمیدرضا آذرنگ، هومن برق نورد، امیرحسین رستمی، گلاره عباسی، فریبا متخصص، سهیلا رضوی، فرخ نعمتی، رامین ناصرنصیر و… از جمله بازیگران سریال شهرزاد هستند. 
بازیگران سریال شهرزاد ۳   سریال شهرزاد فصل سوم قسمت دوم  
شهاب حسینی ، ترانه علیدوستی ، مصطفا زمانی ، پریناز ایزدیار، امیر جعفری ، رویا نونهالی و… 
شهرزاد - Shahrzad نویسنده: حسن فتحی و نغمه ثمینی سال ساخت: 96 | پخش: 96 | پخش کننده: کول دانلود شمار بخش ها: 15 | تهیه‌ کننده: محمد امامی | کارگردان: حسن فتحی 
خلاصه داستان قسمت سوم فصل 3 سریال شهرزاد ادامه داستان شهرزاد 2 است. در فصل سوم سناریو جذاب تر و تماشایی تر می شود و خبر احتمالی ازدواج دوباره شهرزاد و قباد می تواند باشد. 
بازیگران قسمت سوم سریال شهرزاد 3 شهاب حسینی ، ترانه علیدوستی ، مصطفا زمانی ، پریناز ایزدیار، امیر جعفری ، گلاره عباسی، رضا کیانیان و...  شهرزاد فصل سوم قسمت دوم  
زمان پخش قسمت سوم فصل سوم شهرزاد در شبکه نمایش خانگی زمستان 96. 
این تهیه کننده ماجرای آشنایی خودش با داود میرباقری و آغاز کار را این‌طور تعریف کرد: آشنایی من با ایشان توسط آقای مهدی پاکدل اتفاق افتاد که بانی خیری در این زمینه شدند. البته باید بگویم که قبل از جلسه با آقای میرباقری، اولین جلسه برای تولید محتوا را با آقای فتحی داشتم و روی چند طرح از جمله شهرزاد صحبت کرده بودیم که چون کار با‌ آقای میرباقری سریع وارد تولید شد، طرح‌های آقای فتحی باقی ماند که بعد از آن، کار کنیم.  دانلود شهرزاد قسمت دوم فصل سوم   

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